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There’s so much to explore in and around the hotel and plenty to discover. We love where we are and we’d like to share. These are our recommendations of things to see and do. But do come and chat to any of us and we’ll tell you more.

What you see, do, touch and hear. They all make up part of the Montpellier Chapter experience.

Within the hotel there are works of art all around you and not all of them are on the walls. The welcome area font has been created by Alison Crowther from one and a quarter tonnes of English oak. There are beautiful pieces of furniture by leading designers like Matthew Hilton, Antonio Citerrio and Charles and Ray Eames. And stunning lighting, including the Isabel Hamm chandelier in the conservatory and Drawing Room. You’ll also see sculpture and ceramics in all of the public rooms.

All around the hotel, there’s something to ponder, to discover, to provoke a conversation. And music to set the tempo for the day.

This sets the scene perfectly for even more discovery in our uniquely British town, Cheltenham.